things i'm crushin on: summer edition

Each season I love making this list.  Mostly, because it helps me understand myself better and what I really like.  Actually, realizing the things that I like has really helped me make decisions more easily!  However, I am still pretty indecisive :)

If you would like to read more about any of these products or purchase them, follow the link or visit my store above!  So without further ado, here are some of the things I am "crushin' on" this summer!

I love books about dystopian societies, specifically those that are set after the fall of America.  I know that sounds awful, but just like the Hunger Games, the idea of it really interests me.  Divergent is set in the same way.  It's about a girl who has to choose a faction of society to become a member.  She has to choose between her family and what she feels she should be.  I was really excited when I finished the second book, Insurgent, and found out they are making the series into movies! YAY!

As a teacher, I really enjoy having a paper agenda.  I can't be at my computer A LOT of the day or near my phone, so having something paper on my desk really helps.  I also really love anything and everything about handwriting, fonts, markers, lists, pens, and color in general; so a planner is really great for me.  Lilly Pulitzer has come out with an ELEPHANT agenda this year!!! And so my obsession will continue!  You can pre-order it now to get it before school starts!

I have always loved tortoise shell!  I love my tortoise shell sunglasses.  I have currently been on the search for a nice (and durable) tortoise shell iPhone case, but have been unsuccessful. Now that tortoise shell jewelry is really hitting the market, I'm pumped!  I can't wait to add some of these gems to my collection!

My Conair YOUCurl Wand has quite literally made my life so much easier.  For someone who doesn't have straight hair, but also doesn't have curly hair, it takes me the SAME amount of time to curl my hair as it does to straighten it!  I love playing around with it and trying different hair styles.  And for all of you that say your hair won't curl, TRY THIS!!!!!!! It works miracles, promise!

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is an indulgence for me.  I don't get it all the time because it is slightly more expensive, but its worth every penny.  It smells wonderful and leaves my hair soft, silky, and healthy.  I know I'm using good shampoo and getting fancy shampoo results.  This stuff is gold.

Speaking of dystopian societies, Matched is another great book that takes place after the fall of America.  If you can't tell, I love young-adult fiction (with a love story...duh).  In the Matched society, people are matched with their future husband at the age of 16 but are married years later.  They are assigned jobs and are forced to live in different sects of society.  I absolutely love the story of Cassia, Xander, and Ky!!

I love these rings!  So colorful and bright.  I am a firm believer that the right jewelry can take a great outfit and make it amazing.  These rings will definitely help achieve that goal.  They just add a little something extra special to your everyday!  Now these are a bit expense, but I have found an adorable alternative that will make your hand VERY pretty at Jade Boho Rings

I know I can't be the only one crushin' on these great items.  If you have never seen or heard of them before, I encourage you to go check them out!  You won't be disappointed!

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