Low Carb Love!

The trees are finally blossoming outside my window, and the weather has been perfect for almost a whole week!  Hazel and I have spent a lot of time outside this weekend.  This particular weekend has been long, relaxing, and refreshing.
 The other day, my phone informed me that I had hit capacity in my photo albums.  I told David this, and he was shocked at how many picture I had.  To which I replied, "It isn't normal to take 10-15 pictures of your dog a day?"  To say I'm obsessed with my precious puppy, would be an understatement.  Below is the precious face she made at me that got her an afternoon walk :)
 I've mentioned another obsession of mine of the blog before, and that is any/ALL of Gina's recipes at Skinnytaste!  In fact, I have attempted to pre-order her cookbook, which I'm pretty sure hasn't even started printing yet!  As soon as she posted this recipe for Cauliflower "Fried" Rice, I knew I had to try it!  I did not vary from her recipe at all, and it turned out perfectly!  Below of some pictures of my final product.  Follow the link above for the recipe!
 To me, it tasted just like fried rice.  Now, I do love me some cauliflower, but I thought all of the flavors came together perfectly to hide it's taste.
 I can't wait to try some other "rice" recipes.  This is low carb love at it's finest!
What else do you do with cauliflower?
Have an amazing week!

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