Making a Home Pt. 1

Home is where the heart is right?  I agree.  Anywhere I'm with family, I'm at home.  However, there is something to be said for making your living space, homey and comfortable.  Ever since Pinterest came to be, I've been pinning my ideas for my future home onto several boards.  Bold bedrooms, kitchens, my personal space, man caves, kids rooms, backyards, porches, playrooms, family rooms-- I mean, you name it and I've pinned it!
We've been apartment living for sometime now.  When we got married, we knew we would be in this apartment for at least 2 years--not knowing where we would really end up after David finished law school.  We have the perfect amount of space for the two of us and Hazel.  And what I've really learned is how to embrace apartment life and make it a home.  Especially in the spaces of an apartment that are often overlooked.
With the fall, spring, and summer seasons rolling by, we have discovered how much we love our porch.  And we have definitely made the most of it.  Last year, while I was away on a trip with my grandma and mom, David surprised me by decorating our porch!  When I got home, he had repainted some of his grandparents rocking chairs, bought a small table, and hanging baskets.  We ate dinner on the porch that night and had the best time.  Over the next two weeks, we bought and painted pots for even more flowers.
Now that the weather is finally nice again, we are back outside.  We got a couple hanging baskets and flowers this weekend.  And we've been outside almost every second since!  It is the perfect place to read, talk, relax, and enjoy Saturday morning breakfasts together.  Plus Hazel really enjoys the outdoor family time :)
What are some ways that you make your house a home?

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