my love for fitbit

My newest obsession, Fitbit.  I love it so much--I even looked into trying to work for them.  Unfortunately, they are totally based out of San Francisico, and I can't move there, at least right now :)  Recently, more than ever, I see people wearing them everywhere!  They are quickly becoming a trend.  Time Magazine said, "Fitbit makes getting in shape as addictive as checking Facebook and Twitter."  Here's why:

I have a Fitbit Flex.  I use a free app and online dashboard to track my progress.  It quickly became the most viewed app on my phone.  My Fitbit tracks my steps, calories (output), activity, and sleep.  My goal is to take at least 10,000 steps and five miles a day.  Other than my recent bout with a strep throat, it's been a very attainable goal!  It really opened my eyes to how much I move.  Below you will see one of my best days yet (and a view at the app)!
I am probably one of the most competitive people in the world.  Most people don't even know I'm competing with them, but in my mind, it's going in all the time.  On the Fitbit app, I have friends.  As each day passes the leader board changes.  It carries a running total of everyone's last seven days of steps.  There have been days when I've looked at that board and either worked out, run, or walked more, just to get in the lead.  It has motivated me to move and workout so much more!  I love being able to view my progress!

Another wonderful feature of the app is that you can track the food you eat and you water intake.  I have a great memory, it's just short.  My goal is to drink half of my body weight in water a day and the app makes it really easy for me to keep up with and remember how much I have had!  Lastly, it will also track your sleep at night.  Telling you how many times you are restless, wake up, and how you slept in general.  Really eye opening to me!
Overall, I have had great success with my Fitbit.   I just had to share how much I LOVE it.  And if you would like to get one too, here are a few places you can buy one.  All I ask is that you add me to your friend list :)

I was not contacted by Fitbit to comment or review the Fitbit Flex.  I just have an overwhelming desire to share something life-changing with you :) 

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