planner love: help me choose!

It's that time of year again when I unnecessarily stress myself out attempting to choose my new planner for the next year!  I feel so conflicted.  There are so many positives and negatives about them all.  So I have collected my top 5 choices.  Below you can see a little bit more about them, and then take my poll at the bottom of the post!  Please help me figure out what to do!
I love all of the options that come with a Plum Paper agenda.  It can be personalized in so many ways.  There is plenty of room for all of my to-do lists.  You also have the option of adding notes pages and student check-lists!  I'm looking at getting a Family Planner and customizing the tabs.  As well as adding the additional notes and check-lists!
Of course I've always wanted an Erin Condren.  It too has many personalization options, and is extremely helpful in just organizing life!  However, they are usually pricey.
What can I say, her Day Designers gorgeous!  In the front there are several pages to help you organize your plans and goals.  It also includes many lists.  Unfortunately, it does not include personalization's options.  It also has a breakdown of your day hour-by-hour.
I have had a beautiful Lilly agenda before.  The huge positive is how beautiful these agendas are! If I choose a Lilly, I am between these two covers.  There is a lot of room to write inside and make your own lists.  However, it also does not include personalization options.
I have always wanted a May Design!  Maybe not necessarily the agenda though.  They offer so many different options: meal plans, lesson plans, notebooks, etc.  I love the ability to personalize the cover and make it your own.  I saw another co-worker with one of these agendas last year, and it was adorable.

This is when my blog's title becomes really telling right?  I do have a hard time making decisions.  That is why I need a little help from you!  If you wouldn't mind, let me know what you think?  Or just leave a comment!

What planner should Courtney choose?
1. Plum Paper Designs
2. Erin Condren
3. Whitney English
4. Lilly Pulitzer
5. May Designs
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  1. I have a Plum Paper planner for work, and I'm not totally crazy about it, which stinks! It is cute as can be and totally personalized, but I find it heavy and hard to write in. :( I've been totally eyeing a Lilly planner!

  2. I honestly like the first one better since its more subtle the others are a bit too flashy. What did you end up picking? Blessings to you from our team at