my garden

My grandma inspired me to find out if I have a green thumb. Growing up, I always watched her and my grandpa garden. And they grew everything! Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and so many more. I talked with her about starting to grow herbs. So I went to Home Depot and bought a small kit. Then I felt led to get a small veggie kit too.

I am seriously competitive with myself and I am determined that this be successful! I am really excited about everything I am growing! Here are some pictures!

Pictured below are my twelve mini pots! I am growing parsley, basil, oregano, tomatoes, and banana peppers!

I put labels in the sides so I would know which was which!

The fiance is 1L Class President for the law school. One of his big jobs this year has been planning Barrister's Ball. And he did a fantastic job! It was Saturday night at a theater downtown. It was so fun!

David was inducted into Blue Key Honor Society on Sunday. I'm so proud of him! What an honor!

I had a great weekend and I hope you did too! The official countdown until spring break and the beach is 8 more school days!!!! Eight more lesson plans. Phew! I can't wait!!!

I'll leave you with a little bit of springtime from my apartment!

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  1. I hope you don't get sick of tomatoes when your crop is ready for harvest. Better be ready to can or freeze all the ones you can't eat!