TGIF! Today, I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1. I got my first issue of Cooking Light magazine this week and have really enjoyed looking though it.  I have so many ideas for new and healthy recipes now!
2. This week, one of my students surprised me with candy!  It was such a sweet gesture.  She brought in cupcakes  for the whole class and sugar free peanut butter cups for me!  It made my day.
3. My little snuggly puppy has been extra sweet lately.  I think it's because she knew bath day was coming soon, and she wanted to postpone it.  We have always known how much Hazel loves tv, but recently, we saw a commercial that really got her going.  It had golden retrievers in it. She goes crazy pacing  back and forth in front of the tv!
4. I discovered sugar free BBQ sauce this week!  Thank you Paula Deen for making my life a whole lot better!
5. Celebrating the UGA v. Florida football game tomorrow in St. Simons, GA!  We are having a blast so far--walking the beach, playing volleyball, and enjoying friends.  I found a group of ZTA's (my sorority) on the beach!  It was cool to see them and know we have a lot in common. David and I have also had time to squeeze in some fresh seafood!
How was your week?
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