more on fall break + high five for friday

This week I'm going to be linking up with Lauren Elizabeth at High Five for Friday!  It's been a long time since I've participated in this one, but I'm excited to start doing it again!

1. Fall break was very busy.  I got a lot done!  I desperately needed a break from the 106 moody teenagers I deal with daily.  I was able to get a lot of household things done that I have been putting off and visit family!  I had a great passenger for all of my travels...
2. Our first stop was to see my grandma.  We were able to spend the entire afternoon with her!  My aunt came over, and we helped her put a pumpkin together.  It was really cute!  That night, my dad took my grandma and I to see the Barefoot Contessa!  It was a really neat show.  I enjoyed listening to her talk about her love for cooking and tips.
3. Hazel has had quite the exhausting week.  She has played hard.  She plays especially hard with my sister's dog Margo.  We went over late one night and let the two puppies play around.  It was really fun.  When I got back to Athens, David and I went to a beautiful wedding at the Melting Point!  We had such a great time!
4. The next morning, David ran in a half marathon!  It was a great morning for it!  I drank some Dunkin' coffee while he trotted along.  Hazel got to go as well, and again, wore her out!  However, we managed to get a family photo!
She smiled, don't you think?  These few days back have been stressful reminders of why I needed this break in the first place!  But my little bulldawg is getting me through!  Can't wait to snuggle with her all weekend!
5. And best for last!  Today is my beautiful mama's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing woman!  I love you so much mama!

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